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    • nitromikee

      Welcome   03/29/2017

      Welcome to the brand new Hemi Parts King New website. Thank you for your patience over the next couple of weeks as we work hard to get all of our inventory back online. As always, you can call 402-597-3242 to order your parts straight away.  Thanks for looking and enjoy the new site...Mikee
    • nitromikee

      CALL NOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER   03/29/2017

      Call now to place your order 1-402-597-3242. All orders must be called in. Our location is 11045 I Street Omaha NE 68137  YOU CAN NOT ORDER OFF THIS SITE


Back in the good old day's...the 90's...there was a lot going on and one genius to explain it all...Big Louie! From taking the time to auction off our toilet on eBay as a means to piss off some wannaabee fuel tuner to perfecting the art of drving coast to coast in a vehicle with only a Dale Earnhart #3 license plate,  Louie was the king.  While he passed away May 12th 2003, certain aspect of him will ive forever, and fortunately the statute of limitations has all but expired on all of them:)


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